Cyclo Cross I Love You!

My flatmate Cait Elliot was horrified…she comes home with a big smile on her face after sliding around on squidgey mud and slippery roots with big fat tyres. I come home with a smile on my face after riding lots of bumpy fireroads and single tracks on skinny tyres (albeit knobby).

You can just imagine our conversations…

See, its not that I’m a scaredy-pants. I just prefer not to go down really steep, scary downhill trails, I respect the people who do, but its just not my thing. Everyone is different I guess. I love the pain of climbs, I love the excitement of downhills, but I also like to be able to control my fear. I also love style – and cyclocross, thats got style!

Also, the cyclocross bike is perfect for Zurich where there aren’t that many long flowey mountain bike trails. Yes, there is a steep and awesome trail on Uetliberg, and bits and pieces of trails all over the place but a lot of them you can also ride on the cross bike if you like while you also have the added advantage of going faster on the fireroads and paved roads if needs be.


What about racing? I’m game! As soon as I have my own bike and don’t have to beg my boyfriend for a loan of his totally awesome Specialized Crux every time!


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