Engadin Radmarathon 2013 – Not my Day!

I am not the best – I just do the best I can. Disappointment is always hard to swallow but when I look at the big picture its easier.

My 5th race this season was the Engadin Radmarathon. Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to have gone. I had been hoping to place in the top three but I just didn’t have the legs on the day. I suspect that was due to a cold I had been battling for the previous two weeks. It seems like when you are sick, if you need to push really hard, that’s when it affects you the most, over the longer distances it doesn’t have such a detrimental effect.

There was some really strong competition there this year too! That’s pretty cool to see.

Tamara Hänz who came third to my second place last year came third overall despite being almost 3 minutes faster than last year, Milena Landtwing had to pull out with a defect, but Jane Nüssli, elite international mountainbiker, also turned out for the event and came 5th. The winner, elite Austrian marathon mountain biker (yes, another one ; ) Lisa Pleyer, rode the course in a gob-smacking time of 2.42. Last year my time was 2.47 and this year 2.51.

Although I went out hard, perhaps too hard, I just started to get passed by riders on the way up the Forcola climb and every pedal stroke hurt. I just felt so powerless. Usually I could ride out of the saddle on those climbs but this time it was impossible. I was hanging on!

I then got into a chasing group going down the Bernina pass, probably 20 seconds off the next group which had a bunch of 4 girls who would place 2 – 5th – when we got stopped at a red light for what seemed like an eternity! The best part of the race was the chase to the end. I made allies with Nicol Rösler and Mitsch Schfroth and naturally my boyfriend Philipp, who ensured that I made it to the line ahead of at least, any of the other girls in our bunch. That was fun! Thanks guys!


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 3.02.24 PM

Strava Route

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 3.04.24 PM

So thats just the way it is! I have an open schedule until the end of August when I will ride in the Nationalpark Bike Marathon in Scuol. Very excited for that, its such a beautiful area and the 137km course will be a welcome challenge for me. I hope to enjoy plenty of repeats of our training ride of Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen and Gotthard Tremola last weekend.


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