Whats new?

Been quiet here recently. Basically there has been a lot going on and work has been taking up a much greater space in my life, and I guess that is something worth sharing too!

Since I moved out of Zurich to Solothurn, life has changed greatly. I rode a lot less this year than last year, but rowing and running have filled the desire I always seem to have to push myself into the red zone….oh, yes, I still love the feeling of running up a mountain and breathing the fresh air and living at the foot of the Weissenstein mountain has provided me with plenty of Sunday morning entertainment.

My re-found love for rowing was also a very positive leap forward for me. Having not really sat in a boat for 10 years and finding my way back into the sport gave me a great feeling of peace and resolve. That, coupled with winning another national rowing title together with Monika Dukarska was the icing on the cake.

What has been offering me a lot of energy and relief from busy days at work, is a regular Yoga and meditation practice. For those of you who don’t have a very demanding job, pushing your body hard is ok while you have the time to recover from the efforts. But when you are giving out so much energy at work, and you push your body hard too – after a while, the cracks begin to show. So I have replaced some of my incessant training sessions with some time to reflect and get closer to what is inside. It may sound cheesy, but I have a subscription to http://www.yogatoday.com and some great playlists on Spotify and together with a yoga mat Im good to go!

For the first time in years I took a long break from work. I spent 3 weeks traipsing around Spain on the Camino de Santiago with my mother. We had a wonderful time and got to know each other better. Then another 2 weeks in a camper van down through the big Alpes through Chamonix, the Isére region






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