Hi folks. Its been a long time since I’ve felt compelled to share with you. Mostly because I wondered if you would still be interested in news that isn’t so sports-performance related. But, since I still feel like writing and sharing – here goes!

Looking back at 2015

All in all, its been a great year. I’ve enjoyed many great adventures, going to Australia for the first time, to the Tour Down Under to pull of a campaign to celebrate Cadel Evan’s retirement from professional cycling. Highlight of the trip was meeting some great people, hanging out with the BMC Racing Team, and basically, soaking up Australia, some ray of sunshine and the great coffee in Adelaide!

collage TDU

While I was there, Rohan Dennis won the Tour Down Under and announced his crack at breaking the UCI Hour Record in March. Ensue 1.5 months of hard work to pull that event off. And, we did – very successfully, at the Velodrome Suisse across the road from the BMC offices in Grenchen.

Winter Fun

In between all of this, I was enjoying some running, falling in love with telemark skiing and getting ready for the ski touring season. I had some absolutely stunning adventures in the Alps. Notably the Bernese Oberland and a day out with my friend Franz when we scaled WIldstrubel and had about 1,250 metres of descent in waist high powder into the ‘wrong’ but, very right, valley into Lenk.

Major Set-back

Unfortunately, about 3 weeks later on the very last day of an unforgettable week in Crans Montana, I had a pretty horrible accident on skis. Literally 2 km from the car park, on very mixed snow and ice conditions, I skied into a hard ledge of very packed snow. My left ski jammed, I didn’t release from the bindings and with a grind and twist of the knee – I knew immediately it wasn’t good.

In the beginning I thought it was just a twist, then I realised I couldn’t ski, at all. Although I could tolerate weight on the leg, I couldn’t bear twisting at all. Were in a group of 4, 2 of whom were on snow boards and Franz, on skis. The two on snowboards had already gone ahead, presuming that I was ok – Franz stayed back to watch me and saw quickly that it wasn’t good. I managed to ski down to him and he got me back to the car with a mix of holding onto his poles and walking where possible. It took what felt like, forever.

Here is a photo from me, the next day, on the balcony.


Turns out I broke off some cartilage in my knee and damaged the meniscus too. Stay tuned for the next update on what happened next!


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