Return to Skiing

To follow up on my post in September (eeek, was it really that long ago?) about my damaged knee and make a long story short; the surgeons pinned my meniscus and drilled little holes in the knee bone to encourage some type 2 (fibro) cartilage to grow. Type 2 isn’t exactly the best solution but its better than a more invasive surgery and putting something into the knee that might not be readily accepted.

Because the cartilage tear was located on a part of the knee that doesn’t get much blood flow – the chances were low that this procedure would work. So a second surgery was planned for October to probably use stem cells or a synthetic replacement cartilage.

Lucky me the procedure did work! And I got the all clear from the doctors in October – so no need for a second surgery. I was told I am free to go and do as I like. So I did, and in some ways it has been fine but I’ve been reminded through skiing that, maybe its not quite 110% fine. My poor knee unfortunately didn’t like 3 weekends of skiing in a row so I’ve been forced to pull back and get back to the gym and continue with those stability and strength exercises.

It hasnt been a great winter at all in Switzerland – its a far cry from last year, when come Friday, I had already lots of plans for the weekend! This winter has been way too warm…


unnamed (1)

In the meantime Ive also been building a daily yoga practice, which I am really loving. Although I have the best intentions to turn up at 6:30am every weekday morning to a Mysore style practice with Oufi Yoga in Solothurn – I mostly only make it two times a week and on the other days I do a shortened primary series and at the very least – Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A & B) There is just so much to learn! Its pretty humbling!

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