The Next Big Adventure – Iceland Bike Packing

In less than one month, yours truly and 2 of her friends will travel to the island of Iceland for some bike packing adventures. I’m sure excited and very ready for this. Its been years since I’ve hit the road to explore a new country. Its been a long time coming.

Until now, our trip has been very loosely planned. Mostly due to the fact that one my friends got caught up in the BREXIT madness, the other got foot and mouth disease, and me? Well, I’m just avoiding the planning to be honest…I figure once my bike and kit is sorted out…I’ll do some cramming on the plane on the way there.

Over the next few weeks I’ll try to keep the blog updated with the bits and pieces I’ll be using to carry kit on my BMC Crossmachine CXA01. The first one is the Apidura frame pack you can see below.


Super lightweight with just the right amount of zips to allow for easy access to bits and pieces – this pack is awesome. It took me a little getting used to though. I’ve got fairly muscley calves (no secret) and when I first pedalled with the pack on, they were rubbing against the pack, but then I realised it is because I didn’t fasten the straps enough and stretch the pack enough between the top and downtube. Now, that its stretched out, its pretty ok and I have no more rubbing. I have some compression sacks that I’ll use to flatten my clothes and I’ll likely put them in the frame pack along with some other flat items like my iPad and maps.

Next up I’ll cover the handlebar pack from Apidura! Yet to be tested but the weekend is coming.

On that note…wishing you all a great one filled with nature and adventure.



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