Bockmattli Alpine Wandering 

As I feel my time in Switzerland drawing slowly to a close, every venture into the mountains feels extra special since I appreciate them even more. 

Recently I joined Cait and her brother Eoin and his girlfriend Claire on a hike in the Innerthal region of Inner Schwyz. 

After a later start which was my fault, we set off up the climb from Stausee which I’ve always wanted to visit…an artificial lake made famous as to create it meant flooding a valley and driving people off of their land. 

The climb is rather unrelenting, and daunting when you look up at where you have to go, but once you are on it – it’s quite ok. From the top, the views are amazing and on the way down we stopped at a little beeghütte nestled into the cliffs.

Here are some photos of the tour, which can also be seen here on Komoot:

Highly recommend this day trip from Zurich!


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